Hassle Free Pool Equipment Repairs

Pool Repairs

Stress-Free Pool Repairs

Stress free pool service of pool equipment with pool repairs of pumps, filters, heaters in Dallas

We perform stress-free pool equipment repairs of all major brands and models of pool equipment.   Our repair process is simple, easy and stress-free from your call to our resolution of the pool problem. Call today for hassle-free pool repairs and pool service for the Dallas area.

Pool Pump Repairs

Pool pump repairs with pool equipment repairs including pool service with pool cleaning in Dallas

We can repair your pool pump or upgrade your system for maximum efficiency including other pool repairs.  We install Pentair Challenger Pool Pumps and Pentair VSF Variable Speed Energy Efficient Pool Pumps (very popular in the Dallas area.)  We can optimize your pool system with the correct pump for best efficiency and flow.

Filter Repairs & Cleaning

Swiming pool filter needs filter cleaning & pool filter service with pool cleaning and pool repairs

We repair and service all brands and models of pool filters.  We service DE and Cartridge filters every 6 months.  We install Pentair FNS+ DE filters and Pentair Clean & Clear cartridge filters.  Our pool repairs and pool service in the Dallas area will make your pool time stress-free and enjoyable.

Polaris & Auto Cleaner Repairs

Polaris, Pentair, Letro auto cleaners &  pool vacuum for pool repairs, pool cleaning, pool service

We service and install Polaris, Pentair and most other models of automatic cleaners for swimming pools.  We repair most brands and models of pool auto cleaners available in our industry.  With the heavy leaf & debris falls of the Dallas area, pool service and a Polaris can save the day for your pool parties and family pool fun!

Salt System Repairs

Salt Chlorine Generator repairs with pool equipment repairs, pool cleaning and pool service

We service and install salt chlorine generating systems.  We service the salt cells twice per year.  These systems reduce the amount of chlorine needed for swimming pools.  Many of our pool service customers in the Dallas area prefer swimming in salt pools due to the feel of the water without the chlorine smell.

Pool Heater Repairs

Swimming Pool Heater Repairs with pool repairs, pool equipment, pool service and pool cleaning

We service, troubleshoot and repair most models of pool heaters including digital and millivolt.  We install Rheem/Raypak Digiital natural gas heaters for in-ground swimming pools. Sun-Kist technicians provide premier pool repairs for heaters and other pool service in Dallas area, Garland & Richardson.

Pool & Spa Lights

Swimming Pool Repair of pool lights and spa lights with pool cleaning and pool service in Dallas, TX

  Our pool repair techicians will repair or install most brands and models of pool and spa lights.  The new LED pool and spa lights are more energy efficient saving much cost of electricity usage. Many Dallas area customers prefer the new Color LED lights.  

Pool Control, Automation and Timer Repairs

Swimming Pool repair of pool timer repair & pool controls repair and pool equipment repairs Dallas

 Our pool repair technicians will repair or replace most models of timers and control systems for swimming pools.  We install Intermatic Time Clocks and both Zodiac and Pentair pool computer control systems.  Our pool service customers in the Dallas area with computer controls prefer the new phone based apps for ease of pool control with their cell phone.

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