Why you need Sun-Kist to care for your pool:


        Come home to a sparkling clean pool

nsure your swimming pool is splendidly clean, operating efficiently and is in excellent condition with the proper chemical balances during each pool service trip.Our technicians strive for quality during each pool cleaning (not quantity of pools cleaned) and will e

Pool Service Frequency

  • Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Bi-Weekly Pool Cleaning
  • Twice/Week Pool Cleaning
  • Vacation Pool Cleaning
  • One Time Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning Services:

  • Balance the pool chemcals
  • Vacuum the pool floor
  • Skim the pool surface
  • Brush the pool walls & floor
  • Clean the baskets

        Premium Pool Chemicals

Our team is constantly searching for the highest quality and most effective pool chemicals to use to maintain our customer’s pools. We have years of experience and knowledge with salt pools and other chemical systems. We do NOT use calcium based chlorine due to it’s possible long term detrimental effects on pool plaster, which requires expensive re-plastering or acid washing. We use di-chlor for super-chlorination, which is a much more effective and stable chlorine.

Quality of Service

The initial training period for our techs is over 2 weeks of intense hands on work and chemical testing, while the industry average is only 1 week. Our cleaning technicians are trained to maintain each swimming pool the Sun-Kist way. Each Sun-Kist cleaning tech cleans less swimming pools each day than other companies require, which ensures that your pool receives the special time & care that it deserves.

Please call (214) 343-8845 for pool cleaningpool servicepool repairs or information.

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