In the Beginning

Sun-Kist Pools was founded by Sam Jackson in 1975 after 12 years of experience in the pool construction segment of our industry. Most of his experience was managing large pool construction firms during this time. From our creation, our family and employees have worked to develop and maintain the highest standards over 43+ years of serving our happy customers.

Serving the Dallas area since 1975

Due to his experience, Sam knew there was a great need for a professional, friendly and helpful pool service company to maintain the swimming pool for the lifetime of the pool. From day one, Sam created a family oriented company built with the philosophy of treating customers fairly and striving to provide the highest level of pool service. The majority of new Sun-Kist customers are referred to us from other happy Sun-Kist customers.


Tradition of Excellence in Pool Service

Sun-Kist has established a tradition of excellence over 43 years of faithfully serving our customers. We provide superior expertise, technicians and equipment to provide the highest level of service for pool repairs and pool cleaning in the Dallas area. 

Our Promises to You:

  • Our family will work every day to make your pool ownership a joy
  • We will provide the highest level of pool service
  • We will use the best quality of pool products available
  • We always strive to do what is fair and right
  • Trust is the core of our way of doing business

Focused Experience & Expertise

There are many companies in this area that attempt to provide all the services needed in the pool industry (including construction, renovation, repairs, maintenance and retail) while specializing in none. Sun-Kist only provides two types of pool service allowing for us to become the most knowledgeable in our areas of expertise. For other pool services which we do not specialize in or provide, we have highly qualified and reputable companies we are pleased to refer.

Residential Appliance Installer -  Contractor License TICL #246

Regulated by The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation
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